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n:con Service Toolkit
for SAP Digital Manufacturing!

Have access to all features you‘ve been missing and more with our companion application. Save hours of documenting your MII Projects by generating default documentations with our MII Extension Application! Make use of the powerful search-feature and improve the quality of your projects with our Issue-Finder.

you know those issues?

continuing work
did you ever find it hard to come back to a project, months after your last implementation?
missing link
did you ever change a query that turned out to disrupt other logical parts because you didn’t remember them using the query too?
refactoring logic
did you ever miss to adjust a component, while refactoring business logic?
object usage
did you ever want to check where a transaction is being used in back- and frontend by just pressing one button?
additional tools
did you ever have to use several tools besides your IDE to check or test content like XSLT?
online functionality
did you ever need to use online tools for checking the syntax of content (e.g. JSON)?
performance analysis
did you ever struggle with analyzing your transaction performance?
parameter tracking
did you ever lose it, while searching for a logic mapping to change a dedicated parameter?
The n:con Service Toolkit is the right tool to prevent you from facing those issues ever (again).



Use the built-in search functionality for file, transactional or global search related to content of queries, transactions and source-code.

Quick response

Fast forward your analysis and reaction times during development, support and documentation.

Easy understanding

Boarding new project members easily thanks to familiar display of business logic and the textual documentation mode.

Reduce cost

While generating unified documentations and being able to interactively browse through your project content.

Boost your capabilities

Speed up your development by using the search and analytics functionality of the n:con Service Toolkit for SAP MII.

Enable your support team for faster analysis and reaction, based on technical and process issues.

Use built-in analysis tools to improve technical quality and services.

Feedback from our network
You don't have to be married to take care of each other. Therefore we are happy to give you some feedback from our network.

"We are happy about the use of web documentation in our company. We now have access to a highly dynamic documentation to ensure operation and future expansion, which enables us to analyze connections quicker and to react faster. The documentation supports us perfectly with adjustments and extensions, because we can identify the relevant sections much faster."

– Yvette Hartung, Project Manager @ Endress+Hauser

"As one of allvisual's long-term partners in the area of SAP Smart Manufacturing, we have had insights into the Service Toolkit from concept to completion. This tool substantially improves efficiencies during the implementation phase as well as for post-project support. As such, the benefits of the Service Toolkit for SAP MII are seen promptly after its deployment."

– Jaideep Tamhane, Managing Director @ Capacilon

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linkedin message from Salvatore Castro - Director LoB Manufacturing at SAP linkedin message from Sasa Glisic - Solution Advisor at SAP

Analysis Capabilities

Check your projects for possible issues like predefined parameters or unused properties.

Connect to your SAP MII Server and execute real-time performance analysis right out of the Service Toolkit application.

Use the search function to check at which points an element (i.e. sql-query) is used.

Speed up your testing

Create test cases based on your requirements (function / system / project)

Execute testing by one click and gain automated results

Be as fast as possible to validate system upgrades / updates

Test functionality accross different systems

It's no rocket science
Every SAP MII project has its peculiarities and pitfalls. Even if it is not rocket science, outsiders or new project members have difficulties understanding the context.

With the n:con Service Toolkit for SAP MII, we cannot take the complexity out of these projects, but we can significantly increase the understanding for them without creating huge documentation efforts.
High above standard
SAP MII is one of the best integrative frameworks for developing integrative scenarios or interfaces. With the n:con Service Toolkit these advantages are significantly extended and combined.

The various search options, analysis functions and development and support enable a completely new way of working with simultaneous integration into the existing project environment.

Additional Benefits

Standardized Documentations

Our documentation algorithms process most complex projects without any problems. Never handle differently documented projects anymore.

On Premise only

Don‘t worry, your MII-Projects don‘t have to leave your company‘s network. The n:con Service Toolkit Generator is a client application for on-premise usage.

Increased Productivity

Built with leading edge web technologies the extension and its functions are blazingly simple and fast to use.

... and more

Automated detection of potential issues
While generating a documentation we also search for potential issues and problems such as unused transaction properties.
Hands on experience
Our consultants have been using the extension in the field for many months now. This helped us to build a tool, which was shaped by real requirements and tackles real world problems.
On-Going Development
We‘ve focused on increased productivity and project quality while building the first versions. But there are still many features waiting to be released in the near future.


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